Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Fingerprint Wreath

As I promised here is another little Christmas project we did.
I used the idea and printable (Christmas pack 1) from the amazing site 3 Dinosaurs I discovered not too long ago. You can find tons of printables for different themes and kinds of activities. So make sure to check it out some time.

We used washable paint instead of ink pad, because that what we had on hand.

I showed Andrew an example how we going to do it and he started printing with his fingers. He asked to help him telling me what color to use. So I was making green fingerprints.
Then we filled the red ones and voila!

The wreath is ready! Andrew already has plans for it. He decided to give it to mommom for Christmas. So sweet! My baby is growing up!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Sensory Bin

It is almost Christmas and our family is sure ready!
When we put up the tree a week after Thanksgiving, my 3 year old Andrew was asking if it is going to be Christmas tomorrow? "Tomorrow" is quite a big word for him. It might be the next day, next week or next year it is all Tomorrow)
So I said: No, honey, not tomorrow. When it says 1 day left on our countdown, that's when Santa is coming! And right now it says 26. So we have to wait a little.
The response just blew me away, like any other toddler's logical idea)))
He said: Mama, write 1 there NOW! Then Santa can come tomorrow!

So with all that excitement we are waiting for Santa and while doing so, I try to get him involved in differents sorts of christmas activities, that I wanted to share with you.

Sensory bins. You can do any kind you want. I always wanted to make one for Andrew but for some reason I never did. I thought it involves too much. like going to the store and buying a big bag of rice or noodles, because what I had home wasn't enough to fill the bin. Yesterday I remembered that we had some bird feed left that was just enough for that! So I got really excited that finally I have no excuses and made a Christmas sensory bin.

If you not very familiar with what it is, it's pretty simple. It is a bin / container filled with things that require the use of your senses. It is a wonderful tool of education for children of different ages. And let me tell you kids just love it.
If you want to read about sensory bins and get some ideas and tips for making your own check here.

So while Andrew was watching his cartoon, I got the clear plastic bin that we already had and filled it with bird feed. Then I add couple measuring cups and spoons, and throw in some little wooden ornaments, couple toys and just let him explore.

First I put it on the kitchen table but we fast realized that its much easier on the floor. If you worry about the mess you can get a bin with higher sides or put in on the washable and easy removable mat, or just let it be like I did and sweep the floor when done.

Andrew had so much fun! First I played with him and we digged and pour and measure, we played ornament hunt, we sort and count and even role played with the toys. It was just fun to put my fingers in the birdfeed and touch it, fell different textures. I felt so happy for some reason, like I was touching something from my childhood with the tips of my fingers.
Then he was playing on his own while I was cooking dinner. He was still showing me things and telling me what he was doing and how goos he did))) but it didn't require my presence next to him.

While watching him play and thinking why in the world I didn't do that earlier, I realized that we actually had sort of sensory bin, but I never thought of it in that way. My friend that has an older son, gave us once a Tonka Pods. It is sort of mini sand box that can be filled with rocks, sand or water and comes with different tools and cars.
That was the only picture I could find. Ours is a little bigger and green. I filled it with little pebbles and keep it in the house. We have a crane and cement mixer tools, but mostly we use little CAT construction trucks. I was a little disappointed to find not so good review because we used it for almost two years now and love it! It could make a nice present for little boy!

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