Wednesday, September 19, 2012

August Virtual Book Club for kids

You know how much time it takes to read book when you have a toddler, some are read one hundred times a week. And that sometimes {at least for me} it is hard to find appropriate book in a library without really looking through it, making sure that it is age and content appropriate for your child.

So when I found that virtual book club hosted by several blogger moms, I was soooo excited! They chose the author for each month of the year, you can read any book of that author, make a craft and link it up. And I'll tell you there are some good ones.

August pick was Lois Ehlert.
For me as a person that grew up in different country is absolutely amazing to discover new authors and books and share them with my child.

Just because I didn't know any of the books, we went to our local library and got several different books. I will list only the books that we have read and will mention what I loved about them

Planting a rainbow is great for learning colors and flowers.

Beautiful collages
names different sounds like jungle of the bell etc

As you understand it is book to read when you learn numbers

Love the idea to be a friend to animal
We really just looked through this because Little Man wasn't too interested
but it shows beautiful folk art pieces, so it was very interesting to me
Shapes, colors, animals. Amazing book!
It is just great how the artist creates animals from simple shapes
Plus very easy rhymes you can learn with your child about each animal
One of Little Man's favorites. He always puts his hand to the hand on the front

You can learn different kind of birds and plants just by reading this book

that was a long list! But I enjoyed reading every book to my three year old and my three months old liked to look at the pictures as well.

Talking about the craft, I sometimes having hard times doing crafts (or any other activities) with Andrew because his attention does not last long (most of the times). You never know when it will amaze him and just will make him do it all and ask to do some more. So I usually prepare for something easy and short and have some more ideas in case he will want to do anything else.

i can not really pick one book that inspired us (they all are wonderful, aren't they). We did two crafts. Two CATS.

I cut the shapes and made a little drawing how to put shapes together to make a cat. All Andrew had to do is to glue them like om my scheme. He also was naming shapes while glueing them.

Another craft we made when he saw me writing this post and all the pictures of a book and a picture of his cat. He said: Mama, I want to do it again! Again a CAT!
So I just had to come up the same minute with some kind of a cat

 We used our handprints. Mine for body of the cat, and Andrew's for the head.

So here it is.. Fluffy furry cat!
When we show it to Andrew's daddy, he said it was a spider. lol

So there you have it. Two cats we made after reading Lois Ehlert books.
Check out the virtual book club  for other ideas and craft on Lois Ehlert books.

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