Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring time

This is it! This is the time to finally take all that summer clothes out of the boxes (they actually went there not too long ago...)
Forget about boring gray and black winter clothing and just jump into something bright, something that will make you smile!
Time to enjoy nice breeze in the park and get warm in the sunshine! I love spring! I love to open up windows in my house and feel that fresh air coming in. I love to watch trees becoming green and see flowers bloom. There is just something about spring that doesn't let you be the same. Something that makes you change for better, be different, try something new...

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Except for squirrels, we also have some bunnies here, especially in spring and summer.
They either looking for food at the backyard or sit on the grass in front yard, or just hopping by)

Last summer one of the bunnies was always sitting in front of the steps every time we came back home. We so got used to our bunny. We always watched him from the car, because even if he was  here all the time, he still didn't let us to close to him. Andrew kept on trying to chase him yelling "Bunny!!!"

With the spring coming I can't wait to see our friend again. At least I hope for it.

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