Thursday, February 16, 2012

My photoLOVE to animals

I just love playing with photoshop actions and see how not-so-good shot getting better. I don't think I would have time and patience to figure out how to edit everything by myself, but the more I use actions, the more I actually learn about the programm and how it works.

These are two shots that were taken from pretty far away. That's probably the only way to take a shot without disturbing an animal.
The one with the cat was taken in march 2011 and the one with the squirrel  in november of 2011.

The expression on the cat's face is so adorable. I can actually feel that warm evening sun that cat is enjoying just looking in it's eyes. I think I'm missing having cats a little. They are just so furry and cozy and fun to snuggle with if they let you.

Squirrels...I see them every day jumping from tree to tree and digging for food in our yard. So it's no more a surprise for me to see one (it WAS when I first came here. Don't think there were any squirrels near my apartment in Russia).
Even though I got used to them it's still fun trying to capture them. Boy, they are quick! 

So here I am, girl who likes to take pictures of animals...any kind...
Hope you are enjoying them as much as I do.

For those who is interested I tried to use the Rule of Third while cropping the second image. Originally squirrel was just a little more closer to center and I felt that the branch was drawing all the attention instead of the little furry creature.  Now it looks much better!

By the way, I have tons of other shots with squirrel. I will share couple of my favorites some time soon.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day/evening/night etc.

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