Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My little niece Julia

My little niece is going to turn 2 next week! It's amazing how fast all those kids grow...
I wish I could give her a big hug and a big-big kiss, but all I can is blow my kisses in Skype.
It is hard to be so far apart, but I am so thankful for all the technology that helps me be in contact with my family, to chat with my mom, to see my little niece grow.

My sister took pictures of her daughter some time ago, but they turned out a little dark (she probably didn't check the settings) and not that great, so I was really excited to spend some time in Photoshop and fix the pictures for her.

Here is what I got. Some are just simple edits, some are more creative one.

This is BEFORE and AFTER picture. You can see that everything is kind of blue tint, pretty dark and there are dark shadows on the pretty face. I like how it turned out after editing. Eyes are so bright and blue, pretty baby skin and bright snow.

This is the same picture from the before and after frame. It is actually one of my favorite ones. I used the frame with a tab and put her name on it.

This is the same picture but looking so much different just by adding a fabric texture to it. I removed the texture from the face and some parts of the coat.

I also put some pictures of her playing with snow in a storyboard that help to tell more of the story.

I started playing with the shots of bokeh lately, but didn't have much luck using it. This is probably my first try that doesn't look too bad to me. My sis didn't like it too much though.

 Isn't she an ANGEL?! )

I mentioned before that I am addicted to making color palletes (you can read about it here). Here is one more and I am totally in love with it <3


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