Saturday, February 11, 2012

JUMP UP HIGH, or A Day with the boys

I love pictures of details or just parts of something. Especially if a shots pictures an action.
I was looking through the archive and found this picture of my son Andrew and his friend Alex. It was shot on May 10, about two weeks before Andrew's birthday, on the playground in Ocean View where we sometimes go after his gymnastics class. Andrew and his friend Alex have about 3 years age difference and sometimes do not get along way too well, but when they are it is pure joy to watch them play.
It was a wonderful weather that way. We always try to enjoy those days before the sweaty heat of summer will  start to annoy me. So we decided not to wastea warm and sunny day and head to the playground right after the class.
What always amazes me is no matter how many slides, swings or any other equipment there is on the playground, boys will have way more fun just running around or jumping. And if they finally do get on the slide or anything else, they will make it a competition. Don't even try to keep up with them!

What I remember from that day:
- that Andrew's shirt was of the same bright orange color as the slide on the playground
- that we had lunch and there was a nice breeze
- that we were swinging and sun that was peeking through the leaves of the tree was shining into our eyes
- that if Andrew managed to jump a little higher his smile would be so bright that I couldn't resist not to smile back

And even if those jumps were not that high, there were pretty big for the little man. And that little jumps were making him so happy.

The more I watch my son, the more I learn to be happy with little and simple things, because they are the true happiness...

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