Friday, February 3, 2012

Expecting a miracle

I think that pregnancy is one of the most wonderful things that can happen in life of a woman! It is the time not only to think about yourself, but the time to learn to take care of an unborn person whose health and life depend on you. You have to sleep, to eat, to rest for the little one.
Even in the very beginning when you can't feel those little movements of your child, you are happy and smiling just knowing that there is a new life growing and developing inside of you.
I love being everything about being pregnant...
I love when people ask about when is my due
I love wake up in the morning smiling and knowing that I have a little but very important life inside of me
I love when people look at my belly and smile
I love everything I want...even if it is chocolate ice cream at 4 am)))
I love seeing my midwife and listening to the heart beat of my baby. That instantly makes me so happy
I love feeling baby moving and kicking
I love anticipating the birth of my child
I love imagining his/her little cute face...

i think i can continue this forever...

But all I really want to say that I am excited and happy that I can experience all the joys of pregnancy again. One more time...

My dear baby, i can not wait to see your little face, your tiny hands and your first smile!
But for now i will keep you safe inside of me fiiling myself with the most positive thoughts and emotions!

Enclosed in his cocoon, the unborn child 
is a source of joy and anticipation. 
He teases his mother with fluttering movements and entertains her with dreams rich in symbols. 
The nine months of waiting are a chance to prepare body and mind for completely new focus of motherhood. 
As you eat, breathe and move, you do so on another's behalf.

(From the book With Child. Wisdom and Traditions for Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood. 
By Deborah Jackson)

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