Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Summer memories

I am trying really hard to organize my enormous folder of pictures on the computer. It takes lots of time, but I like to look at nice and need archive. Plus I get to look through all of them. Love that! Today I was doing the folders from last summer. I have never taken that many pictures like this summer during my mom's stay. I probably have folder for every day of the month. So many things to do and to see and to preserve in a form of a photograph.

It's seen almost 5 months since my mom who lives in Russia left. She spent two summer months here. How much fun we had! It was very different that I could talk Russian to somebody else except my Little Guy.
We were constantly on the go despite the heat that neither my mom nor me can not stand. I hope she left with a lot of good memories, heart filled with love and joy. At least I am. I look back with happiness to pictures of her and Andrew playing outside with the sprinkler, them swimming in the pool or putting puzzle together.
I miss you. Not a day passes by that I am not thinking how great that would be if my family lived close. So we can share every single day no matter how good or bad it is.
Thank you for being in my life despite all the distance. Hope to see you soon again.

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