Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lack of indoor play places

Does anybody has the same problem? It seems like there is very little places to go with a toddler on a rainy day. I'm not saying that it is the only option, but if you want to go out and let your child play, your only choice are fast food, which is not my favorite.
I'm talking about that because I just found out that our favorite indoor playground is closed. There were couple bouncies and slide for quite a fair price. The best part you had unlimited time to play (unlike the daycare center where you have to pay for each hour) and you also could leave and come back again later that day.
So the story is today my friend and me were planning to go there and I was running late when I got the message that they are out of bussiness. That was a shock because now we have to come up with something else for our toddlers that were promised to jump and play and have a bunch of fun. So our only choice was McDonalds. I don't have a problem with my kid eating couple nuggets once in a while, of course together with milk and apples, but isn't there should be healthier choices for our kids? More and more fast food restaurants opening that try to be more appealing to our children in any possible way: toys coming with the meals, play places, big and bright signs and characters. Talking about characters I once read somewhere about the game you can play with your kids while shopping. You have to find and "ditch" product that is trying to appeal to children and instead find another one which is most of the time is going to be a healthier option.
But going back to playground talk we do need some more of them, not like we have a terrible weather all the time... And please, less french fries and 1000calorie milk shakes!

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