Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My disappearance

Hello there! Yes, I did disappear again for couple days. Everything happened so fast. Saturday morning we went to the Activity and preschool fair with my stepdaughter, then grabbed a quick lunch and came back home where everything started. My stomach started hurting, just a slight stomach ache. I took a pill but it was getting worse. I felt like now it is hurting at the bottom too. I decided to lay down and at that moment I realized that it hurts only from the right. I'm yelling to Mike asking what side appendix is on. ??? Do you remember? I never can. He says "RIGHT"!
That's it. We just went to ER. Then scannning, doctors, the next thing I'm in the operation room.
They discharged me next evening with the tube sticking out of my stomach. Gross! All next day I was covering it with a sweater because I was just scared that my baby will be curious about it. I definetely wasn't ready for another trip to ER.
I'm better now, moving around and the pain is not that strong. here is another thing. Today we went for the second time to the baby doctor. He got wore after the yesterday's visit and couldn't stop caughing! Fianlly they decided to do an X-ray. 15 minutes later on the way home I'm getting the result - pneumonia! So we stuck home, both sick and miserable. But hoping to get better really soon. And very thankful to the doctor who realized that I'm not exaggerating that Andrew is crying all day long. Get better, little man!


Jaclyn said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm sorry to hear about all that. NOT fun to go through! I hope you are both feeling better soon. Take care of yourself!

apetta said...

Thank you, we are feeling much better. At least me. Hopefully Andrew will get better as soon as possible, because he is really miserable from time to time.

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