Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Project 365. Day 20. 01/26/11 {Blessings/Tiny}

These both pictures are my entry for Let's do 52  project. As usual the theme has 2 variants - blessings or tiny. I happened to do both.
 The first picture I took in the car while waiting for my baby to wake up. Usually if he does that I just carefully trnsfer him to the house from his car seat. But this time he had a hard time falling asleep. so I just decided to wait in the car when he is awake. Luckily I had my camera to kill the time)

Alternative theme of the week is Tiny. Tiny people in the big world! It's amazing how many wonderful, interesting and hard-to-understand things are around them. And how fast they figure everything out! Just yesterday they could hardly hold their head and now you are having a hard time chasing them!
I wish you good luck on your long way, little man!

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