Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 365. Day 16. 01/22/11 {Abandoned}

As you might remember, I'm doing the project Let's do 52. you can see the button on the right side of my blog.  The second week was over yesterday and I'm a day behind with it, but I still going to post it. The theme of the week 3 was Abandoned or Doors. I took the picture of that house not far from us. You can see lot's of houses like that. It is sad. People used to leave there and then it is just standing in the wind and rain alone. Abandoned
I could not come too close, because there was nowhere to stop. So I had to zoom in pretty good to take a shot, that's why some of the pictures turned out to be blurry. This one was probably of the best clarity.  It was my first time using gradient map and chosing my own colors there. I never thought it is that easy. And when you can control all the brightness, contrast and all the tones it just feel so good) 

Update: One of the comments to that picure on Flickr says that it would be interesting to see the original picture, so made the before and after picture for you to see. 

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roasted_ferkel said...

Как из фильма ужасов) Не страшновато там жить?)
А фотка классная получилась, мне нравится ;)

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