Wednesday, January 5, 2011

not MY day

I don't know what's wrong today, but those days happen. It might start like a normal ordinary day, we went to the library in the morning for the story time, stopped for lunch at mommom's and then that happened. My child started to cry, about everything, maybe he decided to cry and forgot to think of the reason, so everything turned out to be the reason. All of a sudden he stopped drinking milk, he forgot how to have fun playing his toys, etc...Finally after 2 hours of crankiness he fell asleep. Such a relief!
BUT! I had to hold him sitting in the chair, so all the plans that I had for that time disappeared right away. No one was cleaning the kitchen and cooking at least some kind of a dinner, or cleaning my craft spot, which is a complete mess, or just sorting all those christmas little things piling in my bedroom.
Well, my husband is home finally after work and I thought I might do something I was putting off for a while. I found the vintage growth chart on Cathe Holden's blog Just something I made . I wanted to get a growth chart for a long time and never got it. Gosh, those printers feels like from the ancient times... so slow. Anyway, by the time i was printing the 3rd or 4th page i decided to check if it measures right and it turned out that in my version there were 10 inches in a foot!!! What a... I'm reading the instructions again... How stupid I could be!!! It's always my thing...Either I'm not really paying attention, or I forget thing, or postpone everything I can without any obvious reason. So this time it I was printing my chart on regular size photo paper which is 8,5x11 when the instructions clearly says LEGAL size 8x14.
Plus in the middle of everything the printer is starting to act up.
Well, anyway I finished it,  glued it all together. Looks gorgeous! But not right.
Just feel a little upset. Why I can't be like other people and just buy a bunch of christmas cards in the dollar tree and save a lot of money, why I have to make something myself and spend time doing my very important project instead of just having fun with my family or going to bed earlier for a change...
I guess I'm off to bed


Anonymous said...

What a day. I don't know how old you are, but at 45, I can tell you that you're going to have a LOT of those days. Of course, you may not be holding your 14 year old on your lap as he goes off to sleep anymore, but the rest, yes, it will happen many times. Even the wrong paper size. Of course, my heart skipped a beat thinking I'd written the instructions wrong, but luckily I did and it was just an oversight on your end, for obvious reasons- It was clearly already a hard day. I miss holding my babies while they sleep. But I don't miss the crying, it's been replaces with whining : ) Hang in there. Glad the project turned out good after all. Thank you for linking over.

-Cathe Holden

apetta said...

Feeling much better now))) Thank you for taking time and stopping by. I really like your blog. Gonna put the chart on the wall tomorrow. Today I took off from doing any kinds of crafts)))
By the way about whining... I have a 13 year old too, so I can enjoy both ;)

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