Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project 365. Day 49. 02/24/11 {Can't have enough of seagulls}

Well, back in Russia the only birds you always could see were pigeons and sparrows. But here, everywhere I go  - just seagulls. So lately I'm taking a lot of pictures of seagulls. They sit on the parking lot, flying in the park waiting for someone to throw away some food, and of course every time you go to the beach...

Project 365. Day 48. 02/23/11 {Big Sissy}

Project 365. Day 47. 02/22/11 {Cloudy Sky}

Project 365. Day 46. 02/21/11 {The world upside down}

Note: this is a staight out of camera shot. No adjustments or photoshop.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Project 365. Day 45. 02/20/11 {The world in 3D}

Project 365. Day 44. 02/19/11 {Side mirror sunset}

Project 365. Day 43. 02/18/11 {Construction of the bridge}

Project 365. Day 42. 02/17/11 {Millville}

Project 365. Day 41. 02/16/11 {Best friends}

Project 365. Day 40. 02/15/11 {Sandbox}

Project 365. Day 39. 02/14/11 {Floating in the sky}

Project 365. Day 38. 13/02/11 {Green leaves}

Still no greens or blossoms outside. Good that there's couple flowers and plants inside. Doesn't matter what season it is, they always green. And hopefully watered...

Project 365. Day 37. 02/12/11 {Carnation}

Project 365. Day 36. 02/11/11 {Web}

Project 365. Day 35. 02/10/11 {Out of focus}

Project 365. Day 34. 02/09/11 {Moody sky}

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project 365. Day 33. 02/08/11 {in the sun}

Project 365. Day 32. 02/07/11 {just an ordinary day}

Project 365. Day 31. 02/06/11 {Polar Bear Plunge 2011}

This weekend we were hanging out on the beach! I know, that sounds crazy, when you see word "february" on you calendar.
That was a weekend of Polar Bear Plunge - event that supports ParaOlympics. Last year when we were watching all those people dipping in the icy water, my stepdaughter said she wants to do it. And she did!
I'm so proud of her! She is a very brave girl! Hopefully she is not gonna get sick now)

You can see the pictures form last year here

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