Tuesday, March 2, 2010

who's da man??!!!

usually we vacuum the floors when my son is in the bathroom, but yesterday i had time and decided to do that myself.. he is nine monhs and he likes everything that doesn't looke like a toy... probably he thinks that mommy and daddy have much better toys and don't let him play ))))
so first he decided to check this thing out, but as soon as i plugged it in, he was running away
whenever you see something new, you scared a little bit, BUT you're so curious...and there stars a fight between your fear and curiosity...
he came back to the vacuum, almost touched it and run away again
he was running back and forth several times untill i put him into his crib
i'm stilll vacuum, but except of that loud noise i hear something else...hmmm...what that could be???
that's my little son roaring at that big noisy scary monster, trying to show that he's a tough guy and he's not scared )))
so who is the man now?! )))
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