Monday, March 15, 2010

Polar Bear Plunge

It's been a long weekend. Every other weekend is both lots of fun and lots of stress. Children are everywhere, I wonder where they get that energy. It's like they're living on an energy pill... no prescription, no refills.. it's forever, at least while you're a kid..
This weekend we went to the Polar Bear Plunge...the event that raises money for Special Olympics. it's the first time I saw that event and I really had fun...We came to town something about two hours before the plunge and it was already difficult to find a parking spot. Downtown was jammed, especially boardwalk. WE could hardly move our stroller around.
That plunge was postponed before because of the blizzard, though it was not very cold this Sunday, the ocean was mean.. It was roaring and spitting huge wave on the beach.

But polar bears are not very easy to scare. thousands of brave people run to the ocean to make an icy dip. It was a spectacular scene. I decide that next year I'm doing that!!! You can call me crazy but i really want to have that experience.

BRRR!!! How are you feeling now? Cold?

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