Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot pop-tarts

it always says on the package of poptarts that they might be extremely hot after toasting...But I never thought they can be THAT HOT!!! There're always two ways to heat it: either toaster or mini oven. I prefer the last one. i can't really tell you reason, i just simply like the way it heats it.
In the evening i decided to have a couple of that strawberry snack. I out it in the oven, push the toast button and all you have to do is wait...Ring!!! That's the bell telling you that your food is ready to go.
But that time i didn't hear that ring. I went to the bedroom for couple minutes and when i came back my poptarts were extremely hot!!! they were ON FIRE!!!
Good thing my husband was home. He ran to the kitchen and like a firefighter saved my life. Thank you!!!
So next time be careful and watch your toaster or oven.

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