Tuesday, March 9, 2010

fun in the sunshine

it's been a really wonderful weather for a couple days, finally bad winter with all the blizzards and winter storms is over. though i don't mind lots of snow, because the place i'm fom is covered with snow for at least 5 months. i like snow...i love it, it's always fun...but it's over for this winter
everyone is so excited to feel lots of sunshine
i'm especially excited because my son Andrew is learning to walk and it's much more fun now to spend time outdoors
We spent a very good day at the beach, walking on the boardwalk, eatng pizza and checking couple of small stores there.

Monday evening brought us to a big playground, where Andrew (my little boy) decided to talk. saying lalala, dadada and other stuff wasn't enough. he said Hi Dad!!! We all were laughing)))

He's definetely a swinging boy. He adores it. Any time on the playground when I give him a choice where to go, he's almost running to swing. Just simple swinging brings so many smiles and so many giggles. But when parents dare to take him out of there he's roaring like a little lion trying to defend his rights)))

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