Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter is near

Easter is not only near, it's coming so fast, so I have to be ready somehow. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Easter (I'm sure it's the first thing that comes to millions of people :) ) - EGG.
So I decided to make egg-celent cards. I used white cardstock, Handmade paper with a pieces of leaves. I just love that paper. It looks very natural and elegant.
First I thought to make cards all the same. But, evidently I have a problem making identical stuff. I just can't do that. Though all the card are made from one sketch, they are still different.
This time I'm participating wit those cards in easter challenge #106  at Cute Card Thursday,
Fussy and Fancy Friday Challenge

One more thing I did these days is a bunny. Just because I still don't have a sewing machine it is hand sewed... I'm that kind of person who can't wait. If something came to my mind, I just have to do that right away. So here it is... probably a little bit ugly, but still.
I love him. It's a sunny bunny, because it's very bright.
Just couple more things left before Easter: to think about easter dinner, to make easter baskets, paint and decorate eggs, and then to get everything ready. So wish good luck to me.
Thanks for stopping by,
apetta Julia

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Wow! I'm in a newspaper!!! When we were at the plunge, we took a picture with a bear and after that the lady came and ask for our names. She said our photo is going to be in a newspaper... You know, sometimes they say that and then you can't find it...maybe there wasn't enogh space or photo wasn't good or some oter reason.
So we were looking for the photo and on one of the pages it just poped out.. It's kinda scary feeling when your picture almost jump into your eyes it is:  sussex countian

Monday, March 15, 2010

Polar Bear Plunge

It's been a long weekend. Every other weekend is both lots of fun and lots of stress. Children are everywhere, I wonder where they get that energy. It's like they're living on an energy pill... no prescription, no refills.. it's forever, at least while you're a kid..
This weekend we went to the Polar Bear Plunge...the event that raises money for Special Olympics. it's the first time I saw that event and I really had fun...We came to town something about two hours before the plunge and it was already difficult to find a parking spot. Downtown was jammed, especially boardwalk. WE could hardly move our stroller around.
That plunge was postponed before because of the blizzard, though it was not very cold this Sunday, the ocean was mean.. It was roaring and spitting huge wave on the beach.

But polar bears are not very easy to scare. thousands of brave people run to the ocean to make an icy dip. It was a spectacular scene. I decide that next year I'm doing that!!! You can call me crazy but i really want to have that experience.

BRRR!!! How are you feeling now? Cold?


I feel that I'm the happiest aunt in the world. Finally my niece's parents made a decision about her name...and.....
It's becoming a tradition in our family...My sister's name Galina is the same as her aunt's name. Our cousin Tanya is named after her granny. My son Andrew has the name of my father and now another  Julia.
She has she same dimple on one cheek, she is sleeping the same way I used to sleep...
I think i'm shining, shining so bright that people can hardly look at me.
That little girl stole another piece of my heart and I don't realy mind it. The only thing that makes me sad is that I can see her only on the screen of my computer, I feel like she's right there, just reach her....but you can not...I love her with my eyes and with all my heart...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot pop-tarts

it always says on the package of poptarts that they might be extremely hot after toasting...But I never thought they can be THAT HOT!!! There're always two ways to heat it: either toaster or mini oven. I prefer the last one. i can't really tell you reason, i just simply like the way it heats it.
In the evening i decided to have a couple of that strawberry snack. I out it in the oven, push the toast button and all you have to do is wait...Ring!!! That's the bell telling you that your food is ready to go.
But that time i didn't hear that ring. I went to the bedroom for couple minutes and when i came back my poptarts were extremely hot!!! they were ON FIRE!!!
Good thing my husband was home. He ran to the kitchen and like a firefighter saved my life. Thank you!!!
So next time be careful and watch your toaster or oven.

more cards

Just can't stop thinking about that sketch from Clean and Simple Stamping .. It really goes well with all kinds of cards and any sentiments :-)
The pink card was inspired by my daughter...She is a teenager, always on the phone with her girlfriends...She just got a new phone pink and zebra pattern. Didn't think of any zebra theme to use in the card, but pink was just perfect)))

The reason i made this thank you card with flowers is just because i couldn't wait to try them somewhere. Very simple and nice thanks note. I'm entering this card for the
 Cupcake Craft Challenge #81 - Flower Power

And the last card for today is a welcome baby boy card. When i was looking other wonderful cards participating at the challenge, i really liked the idea of the card with the boats in one of the blogs..Rainbows by Robyn.
 I'm so sorry, hopefully i didn't hurt anyone's feelings but i practically scraplifted that card. i just adored it and made my version of it... Robyn, thank you for the inspiration. Actually that was the fist one i made today, and just couldn't stop...So three cards for today.. Not bad ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i really liked the Challenge # 81 at Clean&Simple Stamping. very simple and stylish sketch. The topic of the card was the simplest thing. i'm still very happy and excited about my niece that was born 11 days my card is about new baby
I would be pleased to read what do you think about my card
thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

fun in the sunshine

it's been a really wonderful weather for a couple days, finally bad winter with all the blizzards and winter storms is over. though i don't mind lots of snow, because the place i'm fom is covered with snow for at least 5 months. i like snow...i love it, it's always fun...but it's over for this winter
everyone is so excited to feel lots of sunshine
i'm especially excited because my son Andrew is learning to walk and it's much more fun now to spend time outdoors
We spent a very good day at the beach, walking on the boardwalk, eatng pizza and checking couple of small stores there.

Monday evening brought us to a big playground, where Andrew (my little boy) decided to talk. saying lalala, dadada and other stuff wasn't enough. he said Hi Dad!!! We all were laughing)))

He's definetely a swinging boy. He adores it. Any time on the playground when I give him a choice where to go, he's almost running to swing. Just simple swinging brings so many smiles and so many giggles. But when parents dare to take him out of there he's roaring like a little lion trying to defend his rights)))

Saturday, March 6, 2010

present for mommom

it's always fun to make presents to someone...
my mother-in-law is a wonderful woman and she adores our son,that is 9 months right now
so i decided to make something for her with his pictures...
i was thinking about layout 12x12 in the frame, but then i came up with the idea of small album...

as a base i'm using chipboard book purchased at the local craft store, kimemories paper Funky Pad II, prima flowers, distress ink Walnut stain

i'm still working on's always difficult to find some time just to sit down and work on the project when you have a busy boy at home, hopefully i will finish it next week and this album will make our mommom smile)))

just couple notes about food

never thought that it's difficult when people in one family have such different taste

our daughter and me like broccoli, but my husband can't stand it. he eats cheese on pizza but will never eat it in any other way!!!

everyone except me hates eggplant

that's why it's always easier just to go somewhere, just relax and enjoy whatever you like without hearing someone complaining that they don't wanna eat that stuff

but the more i go somewhere, the more i don't like it

in any meal it feels like there's missing something...maybe some love)))

i think the only food everyone enjoys and always wants is McDonald's parfait )))

isn't that simple? just one yogurt and everyone is happy, at least that works as a dessert

enjoy your meal

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

who's da man??!!!

usually we vacuum the floors when my son is in the bathroom, but yesterday i had time and decided to do that myself.. he is nine monhs and he likes everything that doesn't looke like a toy... probably he thinks that mommy and daddy have much better toys and don't let him play ))))
so first he decided to check this thing out, but as soon as i plugged it in, he was running away
whenever you see something new, you scared a little bit, BUT you're so curious...and there stars a fight between your fear and curiosity...
he came back to the vacuum, almost touched it and run away again
he was running back and forth several times untill i put him into his crib
i'm stilll vacuum, but except of that loud noise i hear something else...hmmm...what that could be???
that's my little son roaring at that big noisy scary monster, trying to show that he's a tough guy and he's not scared )))
so who is the man now?! )))

a new hand to hold, a new heart to love, a new life to lead

couple days ago I became an aunt. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl... She is very far from me, we're living across the ocean. today i saw her first picture...such a cute smile... chubby eyes...
that was my inspiration...i decided to make some cards for baby shower and welcome new baby cards
would be glad to share with you my work...
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